TiE Hong Kong IPO Club

Support and mentorship for your IPO journey

The TiE Hong Kong IPO Club provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs who are thinking about going public to learn more about the IPO process and explore their options.

We offer the chance to meet entrepreneurs on the same journey and TiE members who can share their experiences of listing on HKeX and other exchanges.

TiE Charter Members are available to mentor fellow TiE HK Members who are in mid- to late-stage companies considering an IPO in Hong Kong or other markets.

As well as providing information on the listing processes of different exchanges, we also provide a platform for IPO advisors and professionals to share information about best practice hoteles en nazca, guidelines and methods.
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TiE HK IPO Club is a chance to socialize at dinners and events with other entrepreneurs who are aiming to IPO, as well as accessing relevant and practical expert advice through our informative workshops and seminars.

Hot topics at TiE HK IPO Club:

   First steps to getting IPO ready

   Selecting the right exchange and market

   Choosing professional advisors and partners

   Listing requirements

   Accounting essentials

   Legal and regulatory matters

   Capital markets

   Investor and public relations

   Internal control

TiE Hong Kong IPO Club is a TiE Hong Kong Special Interest Group.


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